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Breast Lift DuBois | Breast Reduction AltoonaThe decision to get a breast lift, also known as a mastopexy, can be a difficult decision to make. Though all procedures come with risks, there can be many benefits to getting a breast lift. For those that have larger breasts and are concerned about sagginess, a breast lift can make breasts perkier and shapelier.

Breast lifts are often done in conjunction with those getting a breast reduction to make sure the smaller breasts are supported properly. Breasts often begin sagging with age, as well as because of weight gain. Good candidates for breast lift surgery include people near their goal weight, nipples and areolas that point down, and breasts that sag, but are considered a good size.

Breast Lift Expectations

When undergoing a breast lift, it’s important to know what the procedure can and cannot do. It can make breasts shapelier, and tighten sagging breast tissue. A breast lift cannot make breasts smaller, unless a breast reduction is completed at the same time.



The Procedure

Breast lifts are completed through a series of incisions and techniques, which are determined by your surgeon performing the procedure. As with most surgical procedures, anesthesia will be administered before beginning for optimal comfort.
Once anesthesia has been given, your surgeon will begin by using one of three incisions. After the incisions, your surgeon will reshape the breasts. The reshaping ensures that the breasts are improved in contour and firmness, and eliminates sagginess.
The nipple and areola are repositioned to give the breasts a more natural look and height, and excess breast skin is removed. After reshaping, your surgeon will then close the incisions while making sure the remaining skin on the breasts stays tight.
When the procedure has finished, bandages will be placed on the incisions. This is to ensure healing occurs as quickly as possible. You may have a tube temporarily placed under your skin, which drains any excess fluids or blood that may collect at the incision sites.

The Recovery

During recovery, you will be required to wear an elastic bandage or a support bra. This is to minimize swelling, and will support your breasts during the healing process. Though there is swelling, results can be seen immediately after a breast lift. Within a few weeks, swelling will decrease and incision lines should begin to fade.

For women with sagging breasts looking for an update, a breast lift may be the right procedure. Although breast lifts can be a great option, they are not for everyone. To learn more and schedule a consultation, please contact us!

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