Rhinoplasty DuBois | Nose Job AltoonaWhile interacting with the world around us, our face is the most important part of the body. No matter what kind of activity, the face is often highlighted. For some, their faces are a point of contention, and something that they would like to alter, especially when it comes to their noses. A rhinoplasty (also known as a nose job) can change that.

Whether your nose is asymmetrical and doesn’t match the rest of your face, or you struggle with ongoing breathing problems because of structural issues, a rhinoplasty can help.

At any age, the face is regarded as the center of beauty and confidence, and receiving a rhinoplasty can make a world of difference for self-confidence. A rhinoplasty may not be for everyone, so it’s important to schedule a consultation before going under the knife.

The Procedure

After arranging a consultation with a surgeon, you’ll discuss what form of anesthesia you’ll be using during the procedure. The two choices include general anesthesia, and intravenous sedation, which involves an IV.

After the anesthesia has been administered, your doctor will begin by making incisions. Depending on what kind of rhinoplasty you’re receiving, incisions will be either inside the nose, or across the columella, the small strip of tissue that separates both nostrils from each other.
A closed procedure involves incisions being hidden inside the nose, while an open procedure has the incision made across the columella. When the incisions have been made, the doctor will then reshape the structure of the nose.

For oversized noses, cartilage and bone may be removed from the nose. Fixing a deviated septum involves straightening it, as well as reducing the projections inside the nose that are prohibiting proper breathing. When both reshaping and structures have been finished, the remaining nasal skin and tissue is re-draped over the new skin of the nose, and the incisions are fully closed.


The Recovery

During recovery from a rhinoplasty procedure, your nose will have a splint or packing placed inside of it. There will also be bandages wrapped around the nose to help support the new structures of the nose that have been created. Although swelling will go down after a few weeks, it will take about a year for the nasal contour to be fully complete. Throughout that year, you will notice your nose gradually starting to change into its new permanent shape.

To learn more about the rhinoplasty procedure, and to see if it could be right for you, please contact Laurel Cosmetic’s office for a consultation!

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