Labiaplasty DuBois | Vaginal Rejuvenation AltoonaWhen it comes to cosmetic surgery, many people think about the more obvious procedures.

Rhinoplasty, breast augmentation and face-lift procedures come to mind. One lesser-known procedure that many women seek is called a labiaplasty.

What is a Labiaplasty?

A labiaplasty is a surgical procedure, which changes the appearance of the inner genital lips. Labiaplasty is generally performed for cosmetic and personal reasons. There are not many instances where a labiaplasty is deemed medically necessary. Many women simply don’t like the look or feel of enlarged or droopy labia. A labiaplasty can change the size of the labia, as well as make them more symmetrical.

In recent years, vaginal rejuvenation has become extremely popular, and is often performed with other procedures like liposuction and vaginoplasty. Labiaplasty is considered a minor procedure, and has a short recovery time.

The Procedure

For the best results, a labiaplasty will often be performed just after a patient has finished their menstrual cycle.

Before the procedure, the patient will receive either anesthesia or IV sedation, as well as medications that block nerve signals and minimize the amount of bleeding. After these have been administered, any excess labial tissue will be trimmed to provide the desired look and feel. After trimming of the labia, they will be sutured with absorbable stitches. An antibiotic cream and sanitary pad will be applied to the procedure site as well.

The Recovery

After their labiaplasty procedure, most patients experience a mild and quick recovery, which will include minor swelling. Depending on recovery per patient, most patients can return to work after two to four days.

After six weeks, patients can resume sexual activity. While in recovery, it is crucial that you carefully clean the area and use the provided antibiotic creams to prevent any infections. Because the surgery involves the use of absorbable stitches, the stitches will be absorbed into the body, meaning there is no follow up procedure necessary for taking them out. It’s important to note that complications like bleeding, infection and asymmetrical labia can occur.

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